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Ally: Russia

Sibling: UK

Best friend: Italy (hurrah!)

Married to: Turkey (NOT SURE HOW TO FEEL)

Enemy: Spain

Cockblocked by: China 

Ally: Sweden

Sibling: Russia

Best friend: Spain

Married to: United Kingdom

Enemy: Russia

Cockblocked by: Denmark


Ally: the Netherlands (yay!)

Sibling: Prussia (fuck)

Best Friend: United Kingdom

Married to: China (wut. :U )

Enemy: Russia (well, I guess it goes with the general fandom’s feelings.)

Cockblocked by: Spain (rully?)

Ally: Sweden

Sibling: Prussia

Best Friend: Sweden (again)

Married to: SWEDEN (I am having the luck of the draw today!)

Enemy: Russia (Oh he’s scary!)

Cockblocked by: DENMARK!!! DAMN YOU!!!!!

Ally: Sweden

Sibling: Denmark

Best Friend: Switzerland

Married to: Denmark (um)

Enemy: Switzerland (er)

Cockblocked by: the United States of America (thank you, Al, for saving me from this weird incestuous marriage)

Ally: Netherlands

Sibling: USA

Best Friend: Belarus

Married to: Iceland

Enemy: Iceland (wtf…lol)

Cockblocked by: UK

Oh god lol…
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